Pieces of Meeks

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Keep Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

That is how we feel right now. Christmas has come and gone and we feel blessed to have such wonderful families. We made a week long trip to San Antonio to spend the holidays with my family. It feels like a whirlwind when you are traveling with a 3 1/2 year old and almost 5 month old. For the most part they did great. We all came home tired and Chloe came home sick. She would tell you she was "fine", but the cough and fever said otherwise.

Tucker is just a few days shy of 5 months old! Where does the time go. How is it that he has almost been here half a year. It makes my heart hurt to think how quickly it goes. He is rolling over like a champ. Sister likes to "help" him although Jeremy and I dont consider it help so we try to keep her from bugging him to much.

J is working hard finishing out one more year of sales. God continues to bless our family and J is such a wonderful husband, father and provider.

I am still hard at work - at work, at home just where ever. I have been inspired by my older sister. She is an attendance administrator at an elementary school and during her time has met a few friends of the canine variety. Sunny, Paisley and Grace are golden doodles and are Delta Society therapy dogs. My sister has watched these amazing animals help autistic children, and works with all inclusion children. They are simply amazing. Well- my sister and I have a dream of having our own therapy dogs. The school district we live in has nothing like this that I know of- so I would like to train a dog through the delta society and either work through our local hospital with terminal patients or through the school district. I think it is amazing work and as many of you know I have a heart for doggies!

Well that is what we are up to. Just rolling along!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Thanksgiving, Baby Blessings and 4 Months...

Life at the Meeks house is hopping as usual- we are now just hoping around Christmas decorations. Last week for Thanksgiving we enjoyed our little family of four in pajamas all day, with a fire in the fireplace. I cooked a small, scaled down meal with turkey, sweet potatoe casserole, mashed potatoes and rolls. I used a recipe from Tyler Florence from the Food Network and it was awesome! It was so nice to just spend time and our house enjoying the kiddos.

On Saturday Jeremy's mom and dad came in town. I went shopping at Target (after black Friday) I didnt want to shop but my huge baby boy is in some 6 month but mostly 9 month clothing. My sweet friend Summer gave us all of her little boys cute cute stuff since she had precious Addie, and I am so lucky for that. Had I bought him clothes like I did Chloe I would be in so much trouble. Chloe was always true to, or behind in size. She is still such a petite little thing her brother is going to catch her. So luckily we have Ethan's stuff and I have added to it as I needed to. I would have been totally off on seasons had I bought to early for him. So I got some good deals at Target- although Carters is always a pretty good deal for cute comfy baby clothes.

Then on Sunday we had his baby blessing at church. Have you ever had one of those moments where you are so overwhlemed you feel your throat well up and you feel like you could burst out laughing and crying all at the same time. That is what Sunday was like for me. To see my sweet little girl so proud of her little brother march up on that stage, and then to hold a perfect little boy and to see our congregation pray over his little life is such an overwhelming thing for me. I love the part in the prayer where our preacher says " and we pray for his tiny lips and anxiously await the day when they profess you as Lord." I mean isnt that what every mommy prays for. A healthy child- yes, a sweet spouse- yes, college, success, the list goes on and on, but salvation and knowing Jesus love- what a burdensome prayer that is as a mother. Wanting your child to so badly know salvation. I just love that piece of the prayer.

Today- our little man has been with us four months. Although my rear end size still thinks it has only been three days!! He has changed and is the most pleasant, sweet and smiley little boy. I cant help but kiss him 100 times and almost suck his cheeks off when I do. His sister loves to "hold" him. I hope babies can feel love, because this little boy is so loved. Our life is sweeter everyday with the two of them. (Remind me I said this when the teenage years hit)

Chloe is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Santa - and snow. YIKES!! Last year we were in Ruidoso at Christmas and there was snow that entire week- a Texas Christmas might be a little disappointing! Either way- Santa will come through. She assures us she is a good little girl. And one of her requests is "chalk for her Tweezle." (That is an easle!!!)

We are loving life and feel blessed. It is hard as a mother to not worry and panic and pray every moment for their safety, but I know the Lord will take care and provide no matter what peak or valley we are in.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

One Lucky Woman

Not only am I so lucky to have a great photographer to take these pictures. I am one lucky momma and wife. What a precious faces I get to wake up to in the morning. Hope you like these. Thank you Debbie for not only making my face smile but for making my heart smile. And Jeremy thank you for marrying me and giving me these sweet faces. Can you tell how much that man loves his babies? What a great daddy.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

We Are Just Worn Out!

This picture says it all- we have been so busy- I wonder if you are all even still out there!

I cant even begin to explain how busy the late part of September and the entire month of October has been. I will just say that I have had 4 fundraising events, a three year old, a newborn and husband who still expects to have clean clothes. So I apologize immensly for my lack of updating so here we go-

She is 3 and busy. We have signed her up for a Pre K program for next year. I am so excited about what a precious school she will be attending. The teachers seem so great- along with the administration. I am really excited about her having such a great cirriculum with such sweet people. Where she has gone has been great but she will be 4 and I think it will be so good for her.

She is also starting gymnastics this Thursday- after a birthday party we went to for a sweet friend she decided gymnastics was for her. I am sure there will be plenty of funny stories to tell.

She is the sweetest blessing. She amazes me how smart she is, she is so independent yet lovable. She never forgets to tell me what a "sweet mommy" I am, and there is no more pure compliment out there. I love to kiss her bossy little lips and smell her sweet head. I don't know what we did before we had this little petite wonder in our life. She makes us laugh all the time and the list would be to long to even begin to tell of the funny things she says. Did you know there was such a thing as a "combotard" well there is- it is in your "bafroom" and we apparantly have one. So if you know what it is- please fill me in!

As for the newest member. Time is flying by to quick. He just turned 3 months on Sunday but he wears 6 month clothing. He is weighing in at 16 lbs!!! He loves cereal and now that I mix it with fruit it is a real treat. I am pretty sure he will be my BIG teddy bear. He loves to cuddle and smile but he is much more laid back than she ever has been.

How God finds a way to fit all this love in a mommy is indescribeable. I look forward to many years. I pray for protection over them almost constantly- but I relish in this time because it is all to fleeting and it is truly the best time of my life. Hopefully it wont be to much longer till I post again now that work is slowing again.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yes! He is Here and We are Alive

So sorry in the delayed blog. I know you are all waiting to see some pics of our precious kids and it has taken me way to long to get them up. He is two weeks old as of yesterday and it has pretty much taken me that long to get back on my feet. This was a hard realization for me since I was back on me feet after three days with Chloe. The problem was not the actual birth of him- which went very smooth and quickly:

- Check in 8:00 already a "three"
-Check me at 10:00 and administer an epidural "six"
- Tell the nurse at 12:15 that I feel like I needed to push- she checks I am a "10"
-Start pushing at 12:40
-He arrives 8lbs 8oz and 23 inches long at 12:58

So where is the problem? Well when they gave me the epidural they couldnt find the place it needed to fit so I was poked four times with the epi needle (big, long and messes with your spine) Either way it was worth it to me to let them dork around back there- I have a high pain tolerance and it wasnt bothering me- J on the other hand had to leave the room...
This resulted in a spinal headache and back spasms for the last two weeks. It meant I had to take it easy- I dont like taking it "easy". It also meant that I had to take it easy carrying him, feeding him etc, because I couldnt sit up alot. Not fun for a new mom!

Also they found out the ten minutes before I delivered that I was anemic from eating so little the last week or two- we now know I wasnt hungry because I was housing baby huey!! But either way I lost alot of blood in the process and had to have a transfusion...this TOTALLY creeps me out. It was "stangers" blood and it just makes me nervous that with my luck I will get some disease or something. They swear it was screened- oh gosh I hope so!!

So that is the long and short of it. Here is what you are all here for- follow this link and you can see ALL pics taken from then until this morning!!


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Welcome to the Meeks: Breathing and Sleeping Optional

Well we are 6 days away from my induction. I have had moments where I thought I might forego being induced and just let him come on his own. Then I remember that I havent slept a full night in two weeks because of contractions and pain and that breathing full deep breaths has become something I only dream about. On top of that- when I get up at night to come lay on the couch I tend to wake Chloe up and so it is me and a three year old hanging out at 3 am.

I know, I know toughen up- Kate Gosselin had 6 in her at one time! :) What I wuss I am. Well that is about all I have to update. We are going through all the normal things right now. I am nesting trying to get all closets and the pantry and rooms and clothes and blankets and bottles; you get the idea....in order for Saturday.

Chloe officially turns three tomorrow which means three years ago to the day I was this big and hot and uncomfortable! Jeremy is not allowed near me in November ever again! :) We had her Tinker Bell party a week ago with our friends the Fuquas and she loved it. We sang to her and she got a cake- that is all that mattered to her right now. I can wait for 16 when she will want "car" over "cake"...

I will keep blog land updated if anyone still reads. Oh yeah- we finally decided on a name-


If you dont like it- keep it to yourself because I dont want to loose sleep over it anymore! :)

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I Should Be Ashamed

Last night as I was shaming my friend Wendy for not having updated her blog I was sadly knocked off my high horse as she informed me that my post was actually three days older than hers! OOPS! :) Where does the time go?

I guess we are officially in countdown stages. Four to five weeks to go depending on when he decides this baby needs to come. Originally I has said I wanted to try to hold it in until the 4th, but now as things are getting closer and my body is getting more and more tired and sore the idea of the 1st isnt to sounding to bad. I am a wuss. I wish I could just wait and let him come, but if the doctor is promising relief and oxygen again before Tucker chooses to make his appearance I am going to have to say okay! Good thing I never lived on the frontier!

With all of that said, my sweet, sweet friends had a baby shower for me this past weekend and it was so great. We got such great stuff and feel so blessed (and spoiled) to have so many people that care for us and are waiting with us as we await his arrival. Thank you girls!

We are in constant prayer that he arrives safe and sound. It is hard to not let your mind wander on to all the things that could go wrong. We have no reason to believe he wont have a safe delivery, but your prayers are definately appreciated.

Work is busy, busy and I am looking forward to starting my maternity leave in three weeks. The week of downtime will be nice to rest and hang with Chloe. She is one excited big sister. We have discussed everything her little three year old mind can think of from what we do with dirty diapers, to feeding him, to bathing him and even to how he will not share with her until he is "big like her."

Life in the Meeks house is moving along at rapid paces right now. I have to stand back and take it all in as I am still in disbelief I am going to be a mother of two!

Continue to pray for the closing of our house. We are waiting anxiously for this to all be tied up and done. Two house ownership has not been for us! We are thankful for this contract though and just pray that it all ends up smoothly.

Sorry for the lack in posts and sadly I dont even have alot of pictures to post. Jeremy has taken over the managment of our photo accounts and they are not very user friendly...we are currently in negotiations!